Artificial limbs

High Technology artificial limbs Above elbow prosthesis A Comprehensive range of mechanically operated elbow units suitable for all ages. Child friction elbow is available in two paediatric sizes.

Below elbow prosthesis

Below elbow prosthesis Electronic control system. A comprehensive range of control system is available. Powered gripper electrically operated functional device Cosmetic & Myoelectric hand. Training for functional use.

Knee prosthesis Smart IP

Above knee prosthesis Smart IP Self programming microprocessor knee, Adaptive knee & Mercury high activity knee. Knee disarticulation prosthesis. Hip disarticulation four bar linkage joint. Gait Training

Modular Below knee prosthesis Torsional

Modular Below knee prosthesis Torsional and telescopic pylon. Standard and prolite system with multiflex foot. : torsional to be removed, elite foot & navigator foot suitable for different activity level.